What Are The Top 3 Instagram Marketing Tools That Every Small Business Should Use In 2023?

 After Facebook Instagram is the second most used social media platform. With over a billion users worldwide, Instagram offers loads of opportunities for marketers. Instagram is a great tool to humanize a brand and connect with billions of people.

People use different tools for Instagram to make their posts visually more appealing and allow them to schedule their posts. These tools also help businesses get feedback from the audience.

Not every tool is equal in features, and some are better than others in terms of performance. Below, we have reviewed the top 3 Instagram marketing tools that every small business should use in 2023.

1) LATER:-

Later is an excellent marketing platform that can provide you with analytics of your posts and schedule them to get automatically posted on your timeline. We can use it with different social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Being a visual medium, it is more suited for Instagram.

One of the best features of Later is the scheduling of the posts. You can schedule posts for the future and later will post them on your favourite platforms at your desired time. This helps you save time and continue your daily activities with no delay.

Not only does Later schedule your posts, but it also provides you with the analytics of your posts. These analytics can ‌help you understand what your followers like. You can also increase traffic to your website and track the sales you have made. These analytics will help you grow as a business.

You can use Later to search the hashtags to help you stay updated with the latest trends. You can scroll your Instagram feed and search for all the tags and mentions of your name. You can then engage with people and build a better relationships with them.

Pros Of Later:-

  1. Easy to use
  2. Excellent price
  3. Provides good analytics

Cons Of Later:-

  1. Not integrated with eCommerce
  2. The free version comes with basic features
  3. Limited file size


Later has good pricing plans. You can try any of its subscription plans for free for 14 days. You can buy a yearly subscription and get a discount of 17%.

The three plans offered by Later are Starter, Growth and Advanced. The Starter plan is for small businesses looking to increase engagement and drive traffic to their websites. It costs $15 per month for a monthly subscription and $12.5 per month for a yearly subscription.

The Growth Plan is for growing social media teams looking to increase sales and traffic to their websites. It costs $40 per month for a monthly subscription and $33.33 per month for a yearly subscription.

The Advanced plan is for large teams that manage multiple brands for maximum growth. It costs $80 per month for a monthly subscription and $66.67 per month for a yearly subscription.

2) Radarr:-

Ever wondered what you would do if you could read people's minds? Radarr is a marketing tool that can help you get info on what everyone shares and talks about on social media. It is a social listening tool that will help you listen to people's conversations and find out what everyone is talking about on social media.

It is essential to understand how people respond to your services and products as a brand. Listening to people's feedback will help you make better decisions for your brand.

Radarr allows its users to monitor audience conversations and stay on track with the latest trends.

You can use the crisis management of Radarr to read the sentiments and find out negative keywords about your brand. Your customer service team will be able to locate the issues that people are facing and respond to them in real-time.

Using Radarr will help you build better strategies for your brand and monitor your performance in real-time. Radarr will provide you with in-depth data analytics so you can optimise your marketing campaign for better targeting.

Pros Of Radarr:-

  1. Easy to use
  2. Highly customisable
  3. Insightful analytics

Cons Of Radarr:-

  1. A bit technical to set up
  2. Pricier than its competition


You can try any of Radarr’s subscription plans for free for 7 days. The three plans offered by Radarr are Starter, Small Business and Enterprise. The Starter plan is for a single user and starts at $99 per month for a monthly subscription and $82 per month for a yearly subscription.

The Small Business plan is for a team of 3 users. Its prices start at $299 per month for a monthly subscription and $249 per month for a yearly subscription.

The Enterprise plan is a customisable plan with image analytics as an added feature. It can be used by many users and will be customised according to your needs. According to the customisation, its price will be different for different users.

3) HootSuite

Managing your work is the key to success. If you want to manage your social projects, you must have Hootsuite. It's your manager that makes your life easy.

You can build a social audience, boost social advertising and manage the messaging of your brand. This is a one-stop solution for all of your problems. Now, you can relax and concentrate more on the business side of things because all your side hustles have been taken care of.

Your social presence is made more visible via Hootsuite. You can use it to schedule posts across numerous platforms (including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube), track customers’ conversations, and manage paid and organic social content together without any hassle.

Hootsuite is one of the world's most trusted platforms for managing social media for a reason. It does its job well. Hootsuite allows for team management. You can manage your team and assign everyone a specific task, such as responding to particular queries. These queries won't receive a response again and again from different team members. Hootsuite has made the scheduling of posts and managing all your social media accounts from one place a much simple task.

Pros Of Hootsuite:-

  1. Easy to use
  2. Good user interface
  3. Posting on all social media accounts at once

Cons Of Hootsuite:-

  1. Pricey
  2. Poor reporting


You can try any of Hootsuite’s Professional or Team subscription plans for free for 30 days and request a demo for the Business and Enterprise plan

The professional plan costs ₹1915 per month. You can use it only for the management of a single user. It limits the management of social accounts to 10. The Team plan allows usage of 3 users and costs ₹7540 per month. Its additional features include team management and assigning posts.

You can use the Business plan for 5 users. It will cost ₹45000 per month and allows for the management of 35 social media accounts. Its additional features include a review of messages, 24/7 priority support and support of some premium apps like Zendesk, Slack, etc. If you prefer a customised plan, you can go for the Enterprise one. It is the best option for the management of over 5 users and allows over 50 social media accounts.