Instagram Reels:

Everything you wanted to know about Instagram Reels, follow this guide.

How much time you are scrolling Instagram Reels? Or How many reels you made?

Everything at Instagram is moving to short video content. They are pushing Instagram Reels, beyond anything. Its new viral fame platform. On August 5, 2020 Instagram launched Reels, a platform meant for creators, to create and share short video content.
Facebook launched not only to compete with TikTok, but to give seamless experience in only one Instagram App.
Fun fact; one of the main reasons to launch products like reels and Instagram wants to maintain supply of good music to the platform.
Statement given by Instagram Head of Products, Vishal Shah, “We think it’s really important to honour the rights of the music labels — and that’s one we’ve been working on for years now.”
Now you cannot only add music to the stories but also to the reels and normal feed post.
Instagram has already made and got access to the majority of record labels, now you can get 1 minute of good quality of music content to spice up your creativity.
What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are short form videos, in 16:9 ratio and length up to 60 seconds.
Users can create and edit, within the app and add songs or effects. Share them within Feed, Stories.
Feature is available all over the world. Its a new fame phenomenon.
Also, Instagram Reels ad is also available for the advertisers.

Instagram Reels caused businesses and creators to share content in a new way. Distribution not only available at feed post, reels distributed across reels tab. Anyone can see and remix the reels for their creation.
Brands are using this feature to share process and to create campaigns according to their brand guidelines.

How to Make Reels on Instagram?

You may create Instagram Reels in 4 steps:

Storyboard Concepts
Shoot Instagram Reels
Preview and Add Effects
Share Instagram Reels
Step 1: Storyboard Concepts

Before creating, here are some questions you need to answer:

Topic to cover which are aligned to your business guidelines; for example: Tips, Recipes, etc.
As of now, Is this fit for your brand?
How will it look on your Instagram feed?
What's your target audience? Whats suit them?
After this, research about the content and seek inspirations. Find content which is suitable to use in reels. Also, document your own process, like order delivery, customer feedbacks for use in reels.

Once you will get a visual framework for the reels and to have a clear plan to work.

Step 2: Shooting your Instagram Reels

In 3 different ways, you can create Reels.
Reel Tab
Instagram Home Screen
The Instagram Stories camera
1. How to create reels from Reels tab

Tap the reels tab and press the camera icon on the left.

2. How to create Instagram Reels from the Home Screen

Tap the + icon on the home screen, then choose the reels tab.

3. How to create from the Instagram Stories Camera

Open the Instagram Stories Camera and open the reels icon positioned there.
Reels can be recorded live or you can add video clips from the phone.

To add external clip, click on the left + icon.

To shoot footage live, click on the reels button on the middle of the screen.

After completing the process, now you can add music to your reels.
For adding music, click on the left side music button and choose from the trending music or you may search for your favourite songs. Also, you can change the volume and add voice-over to your reels by going into music function.

Reels also give freedom to choose the speed of the video, by clicking on 1 x button, you may choose speed.

You will also get the option to align your clips for smooth transition. By clicking on the left side of align icon.

To access effects, three stars which are present over the reels play button. Now you can browse the effects gallery.

For trimming the video, easily click on the trim button.

To delete the clip, click on the clips and hold, Then discard.

Step 3: Preview and Add AR Filters

When you are satisfied with the clip, click preview.

Now you can add many effects to your reel.

If you are familiar with the Instagram Stories Tools, you'll know most of these tools:
Texts: Add texts to your reels
Draw: Draw according to your needs.
Stickers: Choose from gallery of stickers
AR effects: Choose from gallery of stickers which are created by creators around the world.
Filters: Swipe left to access Instagram Filters.
Audio: Here you can also be able to add the audio, of you missed the audio earlier.
Tip: Use trending audio for better reach.

Step 4: Sharing Reels

If you have a private account reels only be shared it with your followers. If you follow the privacy settings, reels and audio cannot be viewed or shared by others.

If you are business owners, you maybe able to reach a larger audience with Instagram Reels.

Instagram Reels Dimensions

Aspect ratio of 9:16 and with the size of 1080 pixels X 1920 pixels.

Best video editors for Shooting and Editing Instagram Reels

If you are planning to create reels more professionally. You may shoot and edit clips with third - party video editing app.

The most user-friendly video editing apps are:

* InShot
* Videoleap
* Beatleap

It is better to add texts, stickers, music after you upload reels. It will help Instagram to categorise your reels.

Adding Audio to Instagram Reels

There are 3 ways you may fins Instagram Reels Audio:
Scroll through to find Reels
Search Instagram Music Library
Browse your saved audio

Seek inspiration from other videos and how they use it.

Instagram Reels Analytics

Insights are important.  Insights are available on two areas:
On Individual Reels
The Instagram Insights Tab

How to access Instagram Reels Insights on Individual Reels:

If you want to see how each of your Instagram Reels is performing, follow these steps:
Visit the reels tab on accounts area, and see individual insights of reels.
Click on 3 dotted button and click on Insights icon. Now you may see all specific insights.

The Metrics Instagram gives are:

Plays: How many times Reels played
Likes: How many times your reels got liked
Save: How many people saved your reels
Shares: How many Instagram users shared your reels
Accounts Reached:
Comments: Number of comments you received on your reels

Accessing Instagram Reels Insights

If you want to check the overall performance of your Reels. Go to profile section, click on insights. From here, you can browse through and see how your overall reels video are performing.

Organize your reels Insights by:
Reels Interactions

How does Instagram Reels Algorithm Works?

Algorithm favours reels which have:
Have high engagement rate (Such as likes, comments, shares, saves and watch time.)
Right use of text, stickers, filters or camera effects.
Have used proper dimensions
Using trending Instagram Audio

With keeping in mind, you may create reels which are:

entertaining and fun, which delights user
Experimental reels or trying something new

Mistakes to avoid when you are using reels:

Low quality videos
Using border in videos
Cluttered video or having poor aesthetics
Uploading or copying from other apps

How to earn from Instagram Reels with Instagram Reels Play Program

According to Instagram, “Reels Play bonuses are opportunities for creators to earn money directly from Facebook and Instagram for creating content that their communities love."

Creators can earn money, based on the amounts of plays their reels get.
Note: Instagram Reels Play program is only available in the US.

5 Tips for Creating Viral Instagram Reels

1. Using on screen texts and proper caption

Fun fact, 85 % of video on Facebook is watched without sound, so adding on screen texts and subtitles is a must.

2. Use Trends as Inspiration

Social Media is all about trends. Everyday check what's trending in Reels tabs. Keep eye on trending audio.

3. Drive traffic to visit your landing page link

Having clear call to action embedded in reels to drive traffic from reels to landing page.
Using on screen text placement, verbal request to click, or embedding link stickers in reels.

4. Finding your niches and posting consistently

Sooner you find your niches, the better would be your audience targeting.
Posting and educating your audience is a must.

5. Using Hash tags Properly

Using proper hash tags helps instagram to understand and categorise the video. You may reach a wider audience with proper use of hash tags.