Social Media Audit (Includes A Free Template)

You need to audit your social media to stay on top. Use this guide to understand and improve your current social media efforts.


A social media audit is a powerful step to help you understand and take the right steps to market your business.


It helps in understanding and regulating the content for the target audience. It makes you more aware of things that are working in your favour. This, in turn, results in better traffic and better response from the audience.


We have written this guide to help you to understand everything about social media audits. We have also provided you with information on some free tools you can use for the audit. There is also a free template given to help you with the audit.


How To Conduct A Social Media Audit?

Auditing your social media gives you an edge over your competition. It helps you to gauge your success. Don't let the term scare you. It is a simple procedure that lets you make timely changes and understand the trends. We recommend conducting audits monthly to get a better understanding of the progress. 

To perform a successful social media audit, you will need to be mindful of the following steps:-



  1. Track all your social media profiles


The first step that you will need to take is to track down all your social media accounts. Find out about every account of your company on social media. It is necessary to be aware of all the social media profiles before you begin the audit. It reduces the time and increases the efficiency of the audit.


A simple internet search of your company's name will give you information on all the accounts. You can do this search on various social media accounts as well. You will find various accounts of your company, and you might not be aware of some of these accounts. Make sure you note down all the unknown social media accounts. These accounts may need to start again or

you might have to delete them depending on the response.


You should also make note of various platforms where your company's presence is yet to happen. Find out if creating accounts on these sites will help with your company's popularity.


Once you have tracked down all your company's social profiles, you are ready for the next step. You will now decide which platforms have yielded the best results. These are the platforms that you are going to be focusing on.





  1. Make Sure The Details Are Consistent With The Branding:-


Make sure that the accounts you have tracked are up to date with your company's brand image and standards. Assess all the information provided on various social media handles. You will need to go through each account and make sure that the profiles are complete.


Make sure all the logos are new and all the links are working. The details you have provided on social media should be consistent with the branding and up to date. Consistency in branding is an important step when setting up profiles.


It is not fruitful to stick to the same content length as every platform has its own rules. For example, You may upload longer videos on Youtube but your videos should be shorter on Twitter. The important thing is your message to the audience.


Your company's social media accounts should have the latest info on all campaigns it runs. Update your content if old campaigns are still running on your company's profiles.




  1. Social Media Analytics:-


Generally, social media platforms have their analytics tool. For example, you can use Page Insights on Facebook to get information about your profile. You can use Twitter Analytics for Twitter. These tools help you to set up basic metrics. You can check the performance of your profile through these metrics. These metrics are simple to understand and very basic. These metrics generally include information on


- Audience Engagement

- Link Clicks

- Post Shares

- Referral Traffic

- Impressions

- Audience Demographic


Examine your posts on various social media platforms via these metrics. They will help you to understand your viewer's point of view. Every social platform has its audience which reacts a certain way. Try to understand their responses on each platform. Try to understand their demographics. Find out which marketing techniques are more successful.


You can also use other tools as well like Sprout, Klear, Keyhole, etc. for the analytics. These metrics will help you with your content strategy in the future.



  1. Set Goals


Your next step should be to set up goals. You should aim for completing these goals by the next audit. Set short-term and long-term goals. These goals can be anything including:-


- Increasing brand popularity

- Creating more sales

- Generating more leads

- Improving engagement with the audience

- Increasing your followers

- Increasing traffic


Having a clear set of goals will help you in finding the right motivation and thus create success. These goals should be simple and concrete. This process will help you to understand which metrics you need to focus on. You can then remove the distractions and work towards your goals.


  1. Track Your Results:-


Tracking your results is the final step of the audit. It is like watching your baby grow.


You need to keep track of the changes that you have made as well. You will have to spot things that are working for you and the things that aren't. You can then continue doing things that are working for you. Find out the top posts that got you the best response. Stick to such posts in the future as well. Tracking the results will help you understand how successful your efforts have been.


Tracking the results will help you set future goals and objectives. Your social media audit must have given you clear insights into which things are working right for you. These insights should be the basis of your future strategies.


Social media platforms are always rising and falling. You will have to stay updated with these to stay ahead of your competition. You should highlight new platforms in your audit that might interest you.



It may be untouched territory for you, but auditing your social media will make you more competent. Auditing your social media will give you more control over your profile.


To help you with the audit, we have included a free template that you may use as a sample for the audit. For any further queries, feel free to comment below.